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5 stretches you can do before your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The time right after waking is a very auspicious time of day (right before sleep too for that matter, but that is a conversation for another day). It is a new beginning and a great time to set the pace for the rest of the day. More and more we learn how imperative the small blocks of time we give ourselves are to our overall well-being.

Learning to create routines around your self–care, will make those actions as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth. You would never think to leave the house missing that activity.

Recline Crescent Moon Stretch-How to: Take your legs wider than your hips. Begin moving your left leg across the midline to meet your right leg, keeping your legs straight. Perhaps you will cross your left ankle over your right ankle. Next raise your arms above your head, toward your headboard keeping your shoulder blades in contact with your bed. Holding your right wrist with the fingers of your left hand, opening the left-side body. Stay here for 10-15 long breaths. Release your arms down and separate your legs back into a wide-V shape to come out. Repeat on the other side.

Reclining Tree-How-to: From a supine Mountain, bend your right knee, hug it close to your chest and release your foot to the bed. Allow your right thigh to release open, bringing your right foot toward the inside of your left leg. Though when doing this posture standing it is imperative that we do not rest the foot on our knee, here it is less troublesome. You can rest your hands on your belly to bring awareness to your breath, and place them at heart center, or anywhere else that brings comfort to the shape. Stay here for 10-15 deep breaths before you mindfully switch sides.

Recline Pigeon-How-to: Begin on your back, knees bent toward the ceiling. Draw both legs into the chest. Lower the left foot to the bed, and cross the right ankle to the left thigh. Threading your hands between your legs, interlace your fingers behind the left thigh, drawing your legs comfortable close. Keeping both feet active protect the knees. Stay here for 10-15 deep breaths before releasing your legs and mindfully switching sides.

Recline Pelvic Tilt-How-to: Begin with knees bent toward the sky. Spine long and shoulder blades close to the spine, opening up the collarbone area. On an inhale slowly rock the pelvis forward, rocking back on the exhale. This movement is small, the length of your sacrum. Hands can again be on the belly, at heart center, simply placed at our side. Stay here for up to 20 breaths, keeping the movement in sync with your breath.

Recline Windshield wipers-How-to: Again begin with knees bent toward the sky. This is where we find ourselves on each inhale. With your core engaged, allow both knees to fall to either side on the exhale. Bring them back to the center as the inhale rolls in. Switching sides as the next exhale releases. You may choose to also move the nose in the same or opposite direction as your legs. Legs close together to make this a lower backstretch. Widening the feet brings the stretch to the hips. Complete 5-10 rounds of breath.

Finally don’t forget Corpse Pose. Always take a few minutes of stillness, your spine long, collarbones open, and eyes closed, so your body can integrate the increased oxygen to your cells and movement of blood and lymphatic fluid.

Simple stretches right after waking up can have an impact on the rest of your day, and this 5-pose sequence will help you do just that.

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